I start this report with a thank you to all Local 54 members for trusting me to become your Local 54 organizer for the union.

We had some good weather starting off this year and you the members have been getting some hours in the good weather that we had, nice job.

So let me start off by telling you, I went to a class called Labor Rising. It was for organizing and how to reach out to all union members and the nonunion worker in the work force. It was a very good class, the computer age has arrived sisters and brothers let’s get to know it.

I  went to the building trades organizing meeting were I met with other organizers and we discussed the state of all unions and how we as organizer can set up a plan and go out and talk to the  nonunion work force and their contractors.

Next I went out to start talking with the nonunion workers.  I listened to them talk about how some believe that they are being taken care of by their companies and they don’t need the union, Then I listen to the ones who told me that they have no health care and low wages and asked how they can join the union. Then there is that worker who is so scared to talk to me for fear of losing their job. We need to change that sisters and brothers and to let them know that we do have their backs.

I have brought in some nonunion workers from talking to them or word of mouth. They were looking for better pay and health care and as of now they are out there working with you right now, so let’s keep these new union members.

Now the down side of this job is. I have met the roofer who thinks unions suck and we just take their money.   I tell them without unions he would working for a far lower wage and longer hours but all he says is he does not need the union. And then there is that hater of unions, the general contractor, who will not even let me on the job site.  So I tell them you can kick me off the job site but I will be back and where you go I will follow.

And next I would like to thank Brother Paul Blaski for taking time out of his schedule to help me with some organizing and get me on the right path. I am learning the ups and down about what it means to be an organizer, so I leave you with this, they rent you they don’t own you, so work safe out there


Your organizer, Brother Tony Kimbrough