The Rusty Scupper

Happy New Year to all, our raise of $1.75 will be effective on February 1st. Tony Bergeson is in training to replace Gregg Gibeau as the Apprentice Coordinator at the end of 2021.

We have two new contractors signed on. Unipro has one member that transferred from 153 to local 54. They do restoration work and expansion joints. Torres & Torres has been getting small public work jobs and signed up with us to be able to get some more quality roofers. Best contracting has been bringing California manpower up to do the work, but has hired a local project manager and now has put on a local 54 crew. They plan to bid on more work for the spring.

If members are willing to send pictures of current jobs, (and the crews working) to dave@rooferslocal54 .com; I will post them on this website. Thank you all.

Work hard and have a good time.

Dave Benson Business Manager