Dues and fees for Local 54 workers

Initiation: When a worker is new to Local 54 they have to pay Initiation. Initiation is a $600.00 fee deducted from the workers paycheck at the rate per hour dependent upon the workers’ rating.

Initiation Rates: 100% $2.50 per hour. 90% $1.50 per hour. 80% $1.50 per hour. 70% and lower $1.00 per hour.

Membership: Membership is attained after fulfilling initiation. At that time, Checkoff dues are collected by the employer. The current check off dues rate is $1.72 per hour worked:

Rebound: 5 cents

Work Recovery: 10 cents

Organizing: 30 cents

Dues Check off: $1.02

Building Fund: 25 Cents

= $1.72. These rates have been ratified by the membership and support union building activities.

Vacation: This a fund created for the Member that is collected by the employer. It is simply putting money into a member’s Qualstar Credit Union account for their benefit. This is not to be taken from the workers funds until they become a member.