Becoming a Union Shop

If a roofing and/or water proofing contractor wishes to join the union they need to contact local 54 and set up a meeting to review the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Once the contract is signed and agreed to (please note in a CBA there are no special exceptions or expectations for individual contractors) the company becomes a Signatory Contractor. To train apprentices the Signatory Contractor must contact Seattle Area Roofers Apprenticeship Program and agree to become a “Training Agent”. Then the contract is sent to the Four Trusts as a justification for billing as set forth by the jurisdiction’s Prevailing Wage Agreement. In a timely manner; two billing sheets should arrive to the employer. “The National Roofing Industry Benefit Funds” collects education and the NRIPP’s Pension Funds. “The Northwest Roofers and Employers health and security trust fund” collects Health and Welfare, Apr or apprenticeship, Vacation Funds, Organizing Dues, and supplemental pension funds. It is an advantage to review to Wage Sheet and compare it to the billing sheets to get overview of how unions and Prevailing Wage work. Sample billing sheet (may be used in emergency) NRIPP. Sample sheet for NW Roofers Trust. Sample billing sheet for CWA or PLA agreement.